Tricks To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, having a good diet is one of the most fundamental things you can do, but if you want something fast and you are a very overweight person, do not be afraid to resort to a weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico with A Slimmer Me.

We reveal 10 daily habits so that, with small changes, you can get rid of a few extra kilos.

Vegetables: the 2 golden rules
Increase your consumption: Much research has shown that, even taking the same calories, those who consume more vegetables reduce their weight better. If you meet this rule … everything else will be much simpler!
And some raw in every meal: When you cook a food you put it too easy to your body, which needs little effort to digest it. In contrast, eating raw vegetables usually contributes less “net” calories because it requires the body to “spend more” to metabolize them

Those who get fatter
It is not about abandoning them, but about reducing them. With that, you will already notice changes. Watch with:

The cereals: those of breakfast take hidden sugar. The sausage: much of its content is fat.
The pizza: a portion can reach 400 kcal. Fritters: do not take them more than once a week.
Milk: a glass of whole milk is about 150 kcal. Desserts: their white flour and sugar trigger calories. The dressings: a spoonful of mayonnaise adds 90 kcal.

The semi-fast lowered belly
More and more research shows that one of the most beneficial habits when it comes to losing weight is to dine early and delay breakfast a little.

If there is no contraindication in the latter, lengthening the hours you spend without eating – most raisins sleeping – greatly favors the loss of weight, also in the abdominal area.

How to do it well? Dinner in the European style (early and lightly) and try to spend at least 12 hours until breakfast.

Water helps you lose weight
Water satiates, calms the appetite and helps eliminate liquids and toxins.

Drink about eight glasses of water throughout the day.
If it is hard for you to drink, flavor the water by mixing it with natural fruit juice. Also the herbal infusions are a good option.

Hydrates or proteins?
Both provide 4 calories per gram, but in the body do not behave the same:

The simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, honey …) hardly need digestion and pass almost immediately to the blood, without assuming a previous energy expenditure to the body (you get those 4 kcal).
With complex carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, etc.), the body must expend energy – about 20% – to assimilate them.
In the case of proteins, cooking makes them more digestible. Even so, the body spends, in processing, 30% of the energy they contribute. Therefore, one gram of protein will provide about 2.8 “net” calories, not those initial 4 calories.

Pasta? … let it cool

if the pasta is allowed to cool once it has been cooked, its structure is transformed into what is known as “resistant starch”, a digestible type so that, when eaten, it is absorbed very slowly, without producing an increase in blood glucose .

That means you’ll be full for more hours.

What we have explained about the pasta, is extended to other foods rich in starch (complex carbohydrate) such as rice. When they are cooked in the refrigerator, their starch is transformed.

Therefore, to reduce the calories of that dish (and thus get less fat) it is advisable to refresh the rice (or pasta) once cooked. Do it first with cold water and then leaving it for a few minutes in the refrigerator.

Tips for Having a Beautiful Hair

At the hairdresser we will wash, cut and dye our hair, always with the fear that they use more products and mistreat it. But hair also requires specific care. It is important for your beauty and your self-esteem to look good and something you can do if you do not have the most beautiful teeth or you have some dental problems you can go with your Tijuana dentists for low-cost dental bridges, or if you have a body that you dislike you can join your nearest gym and start a healthy life, the point here is that you are encouraged to change anything that you are not satisfied with.


Leaving aside the examples, the products sold to the public do not have as much concentration of assets or the customer at home has the instruments of a room. Besides, it is not always correct in the diagnosis.


It is easy to confuse a dehydrated hair (lacking water and scouring) with a malnourished one (it is refined, it breaks easily). Even one hair may be dehydrated in medium and malnourished in tips. Applying an inappropriate product ends up worsening the hair. All hair has salvation. But not instantaneous. To leave the hairdresser today without the problem, there is nothing left to cut. With time and joint work between the salon and maintenance at home, we can reverse a lifeless hair in a Rapunzel mane. Therefore, we have prepared some tricks that you can do at home so as not to ruin your hair and make it look healthy and beautiful again.


If your hair always curls

Curling or ‘frizz’ brings women from all over the world head-on, the more, the more we dye it and abuse the hot tools. Fortunately, there is a remedy.


Genetics has a lot to do, environmental factors (humidity, offices charged with electricity) and the deterioration of our hair due to shampoos that dehydrate and iron too much. Dry hair curls because it swells looking for water. In the end, the cuticle breaks. Hence that aspect without form. We can use with anti-frizz products when combing and running away from foams with alcohol. Each change of season, intensive treatment in the salon that will guarantee us between three and five months free of frizz. In winter avoid synthetic fabrics near the neck because they generate static electricity.


If you do not get the hair to shine

If you look with a magnifying lens, a hair deteriorated you will see that it has an irregular surface that is hardly going to reflect light evenly. That’s why the hair does not shine.


What’s behind those bright television manes? Many spotlights that cause a frenzy of brightness. And many hours of care. Washing with unsuitable shampoos spoils it. And the excess of sun makes it porous.


Ammonia stains also damage the cuticle. Therefore, although freshly dyed the hair shines, when washing it, light and good texture disappear. Then we smooth it, and it seems to improve. But in the long run, we make it worse because we aggravate the dryness. An excellent remedy to recover the shine is to take a few drops of camellia or argan oil between the fingers and distribute it from medium to ends. And ask the hairdresser for advice on the hydration ritual that best suits the hair. Another trick: move to the brushes of boar bristles.


If the hairstyle does not last you

The seniority is a degree to achieve that the hair is as we want and so that this result does not fade after a while. A good cut and the right dose of fixing products also help.


In hairdressing, we work with care and a precise technique. And usually, he spends more time than at home. In the living room, it is not uncommon for a stylist to shoot 40 minutes with a hairstyle, something that rarely takes place at home. And it goes step by step and with an order. It starts by giving volume and shape to the root to provide the desired shape to the rest of the hair, either with the round brush, the iron or the diffuser, depending on the type of texture and hairstyle. It points out a detail in which we do not usually repair: usually, the hairdresser works on a fresh cut. So any movement is marked more easily. They are an excellent help to preserve the result as long as they suit the hair, the type of hairstyle and are used in a small amount. As a general rule, less is more.


Foods That Extend Your Life

The truth is that NO ONE has control over their mortality; After all, it’s part of our genetics, right? Well, not necessarily. It turns out that there are many ways to add years to your life. In fact, you could live up to 100 years if you regained control of your daily habits. It is true that this type of food are very good for a longer life, but they help everything really, diets, hair, skin, of course if your intention with a healthy diet is to look better and you want it to be fast you can go with low dental cost implants Tijuana, a stylist, a dermatologist or if necessary go to the gym. Try that whatever you eat is raw and well washed

One of the simplest ways to do it is by changing what you eat. There are more and more studies showing that diet is a strong indicator of how long we will live and whether we will develop a chronic disease such as diabetes and hypertension.

Luckily, changing your diet can be easy, especially if you only have to add 5 foods.

I have always thought that fish is the food for the brain; and is that there is research that shows that the components of fish called carotenoids, can protect against neurological diseases.

However, a new study shows that fish omega 3 (salmon, tuna and sardines) can help you live a longer and healthier life.

People who eat fish are 18% less likely to age unhealthy. This means that they are less likely to develop chronic diseases, cognitive decline and physical limitations.

Your favorite snack could add years of life. More you eat nuts, the lower the risk of dying young. In fact, people who eat nuts daily are 20% less likely to die of cancer, heart and respiratory diseases.

Why? Nuts are rich in nutrients such as unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamin E, potassium, calcium and antioxidants, which protect the heart and fight inflammation.

And you do not have to worry about gaining weight, because nuts have a lot of fiber and can fill you longer.

Whole grains
Sure you know that white bread practically does not have any nutrient, but did you know that it also takes away years of life? Multiple studies have linked whole-grain breads and pastas with greater longevity.

Each additional portion of whole grains is correlated with a lower risk of mortality and 9% lower probabilities of death from heart problems.

Researchers believe that this is due to the nutrients found in the outer layer of the grains, such as: fiber, vitamin B, E, magnesium and phytochemicals. So pay attention to the packaging of your bread: it should say 100% whole.

Spicy food
It turns out that spicy food will make you live longer. One study found that people who eat spicy foods 6 or 7 days a week have a 14% lower risk of mortality.

This happens because capsaicin acts as an antioxidant, fights inflammation, improves blood sugar and plays a role in fighting obesity and cancer.

Now I’m going to start liking sushi a little more, as research shows that fucoidan, a natural component in seaweed, has cancer-fighting effects.