Dental Care In Menopause

Most of the time we focus on avoiding the classic symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain or mood swings.

However, one of the most frequent disorders that can cause us more problems are oral problems derived from menopause. We tell you how to maintain a beautiful smile at menopause.

Teeth in menopause
Among the most frequent oral problems that result from menopause are dry mouth, burning and periodontal diseases. But the effects of the decrease in hormones can also be seen in the appearance of the teeth, which can lose their natural color and spoil the smile.

The lack of hormones is not the only one responsible for the deterioration of the denture at menopause, but it also affects the weakening of the bony structures. In this way, the shape of the jaw can be transformed with the consequent risk of loss of teeth.

Although one of the greatest dangers of dentures in menopause is gingivitis, a disease that affects the gums, exposing the nerves and is the main cause of tooth decay and teeth begin to move, arriving in some cases to fall.

Caring for the teeth in menopause

Since the menopause disorders are due to the lack of estrogen and the weakening of the bones, the remedies to avoid complications will be aimed at regulating the hormone levels and getting the calcium necessary to strengthen the bones. Substitute hormone therapy can be a good option, under medical supervision, as well as calcium and vitamin supplements.

But special care must be taken in the mouth if we want to preserve our teeth and maintain a radiant smile. To do this, it is necessary to maximize dental hygiene, paying particular attention to the most conflictive points such as sensitive gums or tooth enamel.

In any case, it is essential, more in menopause than in any other stage of life, to go to the Brio dental Clinic at least twice a year so that a specialist can check the state of the denture and can detect possible problems in time. mouths derived from menopause. No one better than a dentist to help us maintain our oral health.

Keys to active aging

Do you know what the term “active aging” refers to? The best definition is “the process by which opportunities for physical, social and mental well-being are optimized throughout life, with the aim of expanding hope of healthy living, productivity and quality of life in old age “. Therefore, it is in our power to perform the appropriate actions to arrive and maintain ourselves, during the third age, in the best conditions. Going to the dentist makes you look younger, you may wonder why, but who will think that a person without teeth is young? You can go with your best Tijuana dentist for dental veneers.

Of course, exercising daily is essential during this vital stage, since it combats the appearance of diseases such as hypertension or osteoporosis, in addition to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Of course, when doing it we must take several aspects into account:

Type of exercise. Ideally, we should opt for aerobic exercises, such as swimming, riding a bike or walking at a good pace. It is best to avoid those that involve a cardiovascular overload, due to its high degree of strength or resistance required, and to prepare our body before and after performing them with heating and proper stretching.

Frequency. It is recommended that physical activity be part of our daily routines and avoid sedentary lifestyle. Of course, to notice some improvement in our health, it would be enough to perform at least 3 sessions per week with a duration of close to 30 minutes.

Intensity. It is important that we opt for a moderate intensity and start the exercise progressively. Only then, we will avoid the risk of suffering joint and muscular injuries, as well as excessive fatigue.

Medical history. Not all physical activities are beneficial for all kinds of people. We must take into account what is the state of our health, especially if we have a heart disease or condition such as diabetes, as it can influence us when discarding or not an activity. For this, it is best that we consult with our doctor what is most appropriate in our particular case.

Of course, the exercise must be accompanied by a good diet. Following the foundations of a Mediterranean diet, rich in cereals, vegetables, fruit, rice, fish, dairy and olive oil, is more relevant than ever in this age. We have to take care of what we eat and favor the intake of certain key nutrients for the prevention of the appearance of some diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, which we can prevent by taking cardioprotective elements such as Omega 3.

In addition, we must be careful with the malnutrition that usually occurs at older ages related to denture problems. The small annoyances at the time of chewing, can end up leading to something more serious and completely condition our eating habits. Therefore, we must always make sure to replace our teeth and / or use dentures to be able to chew without difficulty.

Tricks To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, having a good diet is one of the most fundamental things you can do, but if you want something fast and you are a very overweight person, do not be afraid to resort to a weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico with A Slimmer Me.

We reveal 10 daily habits so that, with small changes, you can get rid of a few extra kilos.

Vegetables: the 2 golden rules
Increase your consumption: Much research has shown that, even taking the same calories, those who consume more vegetables reduce their weight better. If you meet this rule … everything else will be much simpler!
And some raw in every meal: When you cook a food you put it too easy to your body, which needs little effort to digest it. In contrast, eating raw vegetables usually contributes less “net” calories because it requires the body to “spend more” to metabolize them

Those who get fatter
It is not about abandoning them, but about reducing them. With that, you will already notice changes. Watch with:

The cereals: those of breakfast take hidden sugar. The sausage: much of its content is fat.
The pizza: a portion can reach 400 kcal. Fritters: do not take them more than once a week.
Milk: a glass of whole milk is about 150 kcal. Desserts: their white flour and sugar trigger calories. The dressings: a spoonful of mayonnaise adds 90 kcal.

The semi-fast lowered belly
More and more research shows that one of the most beneficial habits when it comes to losing weight is to dine early and delay breakfast a little.

If there is no contraindication in the latter, lengthening the hours you spend without eating – most raisins sleeping – greatly favors the loss of weight, also in the abdominal area.

How to do it well? Dinner in the European style (early and lightly) and try to spend at least 12 hours until breakfast.

Water helps you lose weight
Water satiates, calms the appetite and helps eliminate liquids and toxins.

Drink about eight glasses of water throughout the day.
If it is hard for you to drink, flavor the water by mixing it with natural fruit juice. Also the herbal infusions are a good option.

Hydrates or proteins?
Both provide 4 calories per gram, but in the body do not behave the same:

The simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, honey …) hardly need digestion and pass almost immediately to the blood, without assuming a previous energy expenditure to the body (you get those 4 kcal).
With complex carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, etc.), the body must expend energy – about 20% – to assimilate them.
In the case of proteins, cooking makes them more digestible. Even so, the body spends, in processing, 30% of the energy they contribute. Therefore, one gram of protein will provide about 2.8 “net” calories, not those initial 4 calories.

Pasta? … let it cool

if the pasta is allowed to cool once it has been cooked, its structure is transformed into what is known as “resistant starch”, a digestible type so that, when eaten, it is absorbed very slowly, without producing an increase in blood glucose .

That means you’ll be full for more hours.

What we have explained about the pasta, is extended to other foods rich in starch (complex carbohydrate) such as rice. When they are cooked in the refrigerator, their starch is transformed.

Therefore, to reduce the calories of that dish (and thus get less fat) it is advisable to refresh the rice (or pasta) once cooked. Do it first with cold water and then leaving it for a few minutes in the refrigerator.

Diets That Are Not Healthy

Currently and due to the thousands of stereotypes with which we are bombarded every day, it is increasingly common for people to do everything possible to have “the perfect body”.

Some people are capable of anything in order to lose a few pounds. Diets are a fundamental part of modern life and not only to maintain a healthy diet, but to eliminate fat and lose weight as quickly as possible. However, sometimes, you can get to commit real follies of unhealthy and ineffective diets because of the obsession to lose weight.

It is true that a good diet can be very beneficial for your body, but a bad diet can be harmful to all health, ulcers in the stomach due to poor nutrition, hair loss, weakness throughout the body, tooth loss, think in the delay that will be your recovery, when your health is the same as before it will be easier to deal with all the negative effects that a bad diet left like going for an affordable dental implants in Tijuana Mexico with ProDent to solve the fall of the teeth, you can also go to the gym and gain muscle mass, go with your trusty hair stylist to control the fall. It is not about solving things that you could have avoided, but the above is in case you have already made a mistake

The diet of grapefruit
It is an option to lose weight quickly, yes, with an impressive decompensation, it consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner grapefruit for 3 days. And nothing more. Usually this diet is done before a trip to the beach or an important event, but your stomach can be severely damaged by the amount of acid you are putting into your body, with nothing to help you counteract it.

The diet of the worm
Literally, it is about introducing eggs of parasites in the stomach to feed on the remains of food that are not used by our body. In addition to unpleasant, this procedure is dangerous, since the reproduction of the parasites can increase uncontrollably.

The diet of the soup
In this diet, cabbage soup is the most famous. In times of austerity, families survived on the basis of this soup, and although the variety of ingredients can make it a very healthy option, ingesting it all the time can not be exactly appetizing.

Purple foods diet
As the name suggests, you were involved in eating only food of this color. Nothing more than that because they have antioxidants. Obviously, the diet is 100% ineffective and completely unhealthy, because in the long term it would cause serious problems in the organism, besides reducing the daily performance of our body due to the lack of proteins.

The diet “of 32”
It consists of chewing 32 times each bite before swallowing it. It’s as simple as it is known that part of a good digestion also has to do with the way you eat.

The banana diet
The banana is one of the fruits that is usually eliminated from the diets for its great contribution of energy to the body, as well as minerals, potassium and vitamins. In Japan it became fashionable and consists of eating a banana a day during breakfast accompanied only with warm water. Honestly, will this “diet” have any foundation?

The diet of the sleeping beauty
They say it was the favorite of Elvis Presley, who was known for his exaggerated taste for food. The only way I could avoid a snack was by sleeping. This diet consists of sleeping several times during the day to stop eating at all hours.

Aleluya Diet
It occurred to a Reverend of the United States and consists of taking as an example the foods that Adam and Eve ate in Eden: fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The parish priest assured that the result was a perfect body, although the truth is that the intake of proteins necessary to be healthy was eliminated.

Tips for Having a Beautiful Hair

At the hairdresser we will wash, cut and dye our hair, always with the fear that they use more products and mistreat it. But hair also requires specific care. It is important for your beauty and your self-esteem to look good and something you can do if you do not have the most beautiful teeth or you have some dental problems you can go with your Tijuana dentists for low-cost dental bridges, or if you have a body that you dislike you can join your nearest gym and start a healthy life, the point here is that you are encouraged to change anything that you are not satisfied with.


Leaving aside the examples, the products sold to the public do not have as much concentration of assets or the customer at home has the instruments of a room. Besides, it is not always correct in the diagnosis.


It is easy to confuse a dehydrated hair (lacking water and scouring) with a malnourished one (it is refined, it breaks easily). Even one hair may be dehydrated in medium and malnourished in tips. Applying an inappropriate product ends up worsening the hair. All hair has salvation. But not instantaneous. To leave the hairdresser today without the problem, there is nothing left to cut. With time and joint work between the salon and maintenance at home, we can reverse a lifeless hair in a Rapunzel mane. Therefore, we have prepared some tricks that you can do at home so as not to ruin your hair and make it look healthy and beautiful again.


If your hair always curls

Curling or ‘frizz’ brings women from all over the world head-on, the more, the more we dye it and abuse the hot tools. Fortunately, there is a remedy.


Genetics has a lot to do, environmental factors (humidity, offices charged with electricity) and the deterioration of our hair due to shampoos that dehydrate and iron too much. Dry hair curls because it swells looking for water. In the end, the cuticle breaks. Hence that aspect without form. We can use with anti-frizz products when combing and running away from foams with alcohol. Each change of season, intensive treatment in the salon that will guarantee us between three and five months free of frizz. In winter avoid synthetic fabrics near the neck because they generate static electricity.


If you do not get the hair to shine

If you look with a magnifying lens, a hair deteriorated you will see that it has an irregular surface that is hardly going to reflect light evenly. That’s why the hair does not shine.


What’s behind those bright television manes? Many spotlights that cause a frenzy of brightness. And many hours of care. Washing with unsuitable shampoos spoils it. And the excess of sun makes it porous.


Ammonia stains also damage the cuticle. Therefore, although freshly dyed the hair shines, when washing it, light and good texture disappear. Then we smooth it, and it seems to improve. But in the long run, we make it worse because we aggravate the dryness. An excellent remedy to recover the shine is to take a few drops of camellia or argan oil between the fingers and distribute it from medium to ends. And ask the hairdresser for advice on the hydration ritual that best suits the hair. Another trick: move to the brushes of boar bristles.


If the hairstyle does not last you

The seniority is a degree to achieve that the hair is as we want and so that this result does not fade after a while. A good cut and the right dose of fixing products also help.


In hairdressing, we work with care and a precise technique. And usually, he spends more time than at home. In the living room, it is not uncommon for a stylist to shoot 40 minutes with a hairstyle, something that rarely takes place at home. And it goes step by step and with an order. It starts by giving volume and shape to the root to provide the desired shape to the rest of the hair, either with the round brush, the iron or the diffuser, depending on the type of texture and hairstyle. It points out a detail in which we do not usually repair: usually, the hairdresser works on a fresh cut. So any movement is marked more easily. They are an excellent help to preserve the result as long as they suit the hair, the type of hairstyle and are used in a small amount. As a general rule, less is more.


Foods That Extend Your Life

The truth is that NO ONE has control over their mortality; After all, it’s part of our genetics, right? Well, not necessarily. It turns out that there are many ways to add years to your life. In fact, you could live up to 100 years if you regained control of your daily habits. It is true that this type of food are very good for a longer life, but they help everything really, diets, hair, skin, of course if your intention with a healthy diet is to look better and you want it to be fast you can go with low dental cost implants Tijuana, a stylist, a dermatologist or if necessary go to the gym. Try that whatever you eat is raw and well washed

One of the simplest ways to do it is by changing what you eat. There are more and more studies showing that diet is a strong indicator of how long we will live and whether we will develop a chronic disease such as diabetes and hypertension.

Luckily, changing your diet can be easy, especially if you only have to add 5 foods.

I have always thought that fish is the food for the brain; and is that there is research that shows that the components of fish called carotenoids, can protect against neurological diseases.

However, a new study shows that fish omega 3 (salmon, tuna and sardines) can help you live a longer and healthier life.

People who eat fish are 18% less likely to age unhealthy. This means that they are less likely to develop chronic diseases, cognitive decline and physical limitations.

Your favorite snack could add years of life. More you eat nuts, the lower the risk of dying young. In fact, people who eat nuts daily are 20% less likely to die of cancer, heart and respiratory diseases.

Why? Nuts are rich in nutrients such as unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamin E, potassium, calcium and antioxidants, which protect the heart and fight inflammation.

And you do not have to worry about gaining weight, because nuts have a lot of fiber and can fill you longer.

Whole grains
Sure you know that white bread practically does not have any nutrient, but did you know that it also takes away years of life? Multiple studies have linked whole-grain breads and pastas with greater longevity.

Each additional portion of whole grains is correlated with a lower risk of mortality and 9% lower probabilities of death from heart problems.

Researchers believe that this is due to the nutrients found in the outer layer of the grains, such as: fiber, vitamin B, E, magnesium and phytochemicals. So pay attention to the packaging of your bread: it should say 100% whole.

Spicy food
It turns out that spicy food will make you live longer. One study found that people who eat spicy foods 6 or 7 days a week have a 14% lower risk of mortality.

This happens because capsaicin acts as an antioxidant, fights inflammation, improves blood sugar and plays a role in fighting obesity and cancer.

Now I’m going to start liking sushi a little more, as research shows that fucoidan, a natural component in seaweed, has cancer-fighting effects.

Problemas De Peso Relacionado A La Salud

El aumento de peso repentino sin causa aparente es básicamente lo PEOR para tu autoestima y confianza, pero debería preocuparte más por lo que podría significar para tu salud. Si quieres hacerte una cirugía plástica en Molding Clinic Tijuana primero tienes que verificar que seas candidato para una y cerciorarte de que esa es la última salida que tienes para lucir el cuerpo que deseas.
Antes de acudir a un médico o nutriólogo, es súper importante poner atención a tus hábitos alimenticios y de ejercicio al menos un par de días, sino de una semana entera. Una vez que determines que no son la causa de tu aumento de peso, te recomiendo prestar atención a los siguientes síntomas:
Fatiga = Hipotiroidismo
Cuando una mujer va al médico por un aumento de peso repentino, lo primero que checarán será tu tiroides. Y con justa razón: 1 de cada 8 mujeres desarrolla un desorden tiroideo en algún momento de su vida.
La glándula en forma de mariposa es la responsable de secretar una hormona que regula el metabolismo, y si ésta funciona lentamente (hipotiroidismo), el metabolismo bajará su ritmo y subirás de peso.
Las mujeres con hipotiroidismo también sufren de niveles bajos de energía o fatiga, piel seca, pérdida de cabello, ronquera y estreñimiento.
Periodos anormales = SOP
Hay investigaciones que sugieren que 1 de cada 5 mujeres tienen Síndrome de Ovario Poilquístico, un desorden endocrino que desequilibra las hormonas reproductivas (estrógeno y testosterona), provocando varios síntomas como: periodos irregulares, crecimiento del vello facial y migrañas.
El SOP también afecta la forma en que tu cuerpo usa la insulina (la hormona que ayuda a convertir los azúcares y almidones en energía), lo que provoca un aumento de peso inexplicable alrededor del abdomen.
Mucho estrés = Ansiedad
Cuando sufres de estrés crónico, recibes una dosis de adrenalina y cortisol, la hormona que supuestamente te ayuda almacenar reservas de energía y grasa
Si te sientes ansiosa constantemente, te cuesta trabajo dormir o has perdido interés en cosas que te gustaban, consúltalo con tu médico, pues el aumento puede ser señal de depresión o ansiedad.
Inflamación = SIBO
El intestino necesita buenas bacterias para funcionar correctamente (los probióticos), pero también hay bacterias malas que residen en el tracto digestivo. Cuando se elimina ese equilibrio, puede producirse un sobrecrecimiento bacteriano en el intestino delgado (SIBO) provocando gas adicional, inflamación, dolor abdominal, diarrea y, por supuesto, aumento de peso repentino.
No se sabe exactamente porqué el SIBO provoca aumento de peso, el tratamiento incluye antibióticos.
Estás en tus 40s = Perimenopausia
El periodo de transición a la menopausia (perimenopausia) hace que las hormonas como el estrógeno suban y bajen de manera desigual, lo que puede provocar aumento de peso en algunas mujeres. Otros síntomas incluyen: periodos irregulares, bochornos, cambios de humor y de libido.
Inflamación después de comer = Deshidratación
Tal vez no sea lo que comes… sino lo que tomas. Lo malo es que muchos confuden la sed con el hambre, y en lugar de tomar líquidos, prefieren comer algo. La confusión, fatiga y mareos también son señal de deshidratación.

Vitamins: what and when to take them

Surely your doctors and dentists in Tijuana Mexico have recommended vitamins for different deficiencies in your body, in this article we will show you the most important vitamins to have a healthy body strengthening the nervous system.

Vitamin B6
Among the vitamins to strengthen the nervous system is pyridoxine or vitamin B6, which contributes to the production of energy in the brain and nervous tissues, which is essential for the central nervous system. You can find it in the following foods: legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans, etc.), whole grains (such as pasta, flour, bread and brown rice), nuts, avocados or wheat germ. As regards fruit, vitamin B6 is found in banana and melon, for example.

Vitamin B9 or folic acid
Among the vitamins for nerves, we can highlight folic acid. This vitamin is directly related to the growth and development of people, is a fundamental element for the nervous system and contributes to the reduction of homocysteine ??level that is related to an increased risk of heart disease.

How much should I take of each vitamin?
In relation to vitamins always have to respect the recommended daily amount and take into account our health at all times because in certain circumstances we can suffer from deficiencies of a particular vitamin. The most convenient is to consult a specialist who tells us the precise dose in our case of each vitamin.

Other ways to strengthen the nervous system
In addition to taking vitamins to increase the nervous system and improve your health, follow a balanced diet, stop smoking or rest well every day will help you feel better and have a healthier life. They are simple precautions that you can incorporate into your life, and that will bring you many improvements.

On the other hand, there are certain foods that it is advisable to avoid in the daily diet and follow a healthy diet, for example, refined sugar, pastries, sugary sodas, very fatty foods or coffee in excess.

In addition to the above, you can exercise depending on your physical condition. For example, yoga or pilates is very advisable to improve your physical health in general and prevent stress or anxiety.

Vitamin D and its relation to breast cancer

It is important to always pay attention to the recommendations made by the experts in health, from dental tourism with Dr. Mexico concerning dental health, to research that has scientific evidence.

Currently, Spanish researchers have studied how maintaining adequate level of vitamin D in the blood prevents the risk of developing breast cancer. It is the first study developed in Spain that provides information on the relationship between the levels of this nutrient in blood and different breast tumors.

High blood levels of vitamin D could have a preventive effect on breast cancer, as explained by the head of the Cancer Epidemiology Service at the Carlos III Health Institute.

These data were obtained from an epidemiological study carried out by scientists from the Center for Biomedical Research in the Epidemiology and Public Health Network and the Cancer Epidemiology Service within the Carlos III Health Institute.

The risk of suffering from this tumor decreases as blood levels of vitamin D increase.

According to the recent work, the effect was especially significant in triple-negative tumors, which account for around 10-20% of breast cancer cases (more than one in 10).

This type of tumor is the most frequent in women worldwide, with 1.67 million new cases per year (25,200 in Spain). Moreover, this figure continues to rise, which is why it is a major problem for public health.

Increase this nutrient in women

The objective of this research, which has had the participation of researchers from 12 Spanish autonomous communities (MCC-Spain), was to examine the association between serum 25 (OH) D concentrations and the risk of breast cancer by molecular subtype and stage at diagnosis in a sample of 546 women with breast cancer and 558 healthy women.

The authors noted that the risk of developing this tumor decreased as blood levels of vitamin D increased. This effect was similar in pre and postmenopausal women and all stages of diagnosis.

This research constitutes the first study developed in Spain that provides information on the association between blood 25 (OH) D levels and the different histological types of breast cancer.

The effect was especially significant in triple negative tumors.

The authors stress that, given the high proportion of women with insufficient vitamin D concentrations in Spain, it would be necessary to develop preventive strategies aimed at improving the levels of this nutrient.