Be Careful With These Habits, Or You Could Damage Your Bones

We have many long-standing habits in our lives. Still, some of them could considerably damage the stability of our bones, so it is essential to take note to know if our daily activities are affecting us internally.

What habits are harmful?

Excessive salt intake

It is well known that the ingestion of a lot of salt during our meals can cause health problems such as fluid retention, dehydration problems, among others. But one of the conditions that have a more harmful impact on our body is the weakening of bones. This is because by consuming large portions of salt, there is an increased loss of calcium through the urine. As there is decalcification, the structures that contain this mineral, such as the bones and teeth, are losing strength.

The decalcification can generate fractures with greater ease and loss of teeth, so the person will have to resort to the treatment of dental implants Tijuana, to recover the pieces damaged by excessive consumption of salt.

Mixing certain foods

Many times we make food and combine different ingredients without knowing if combining them can have adverse effects on our health. Therefore, it is essential that before cooking, you know which foods can be mixed. If you are going to consume foods such as spinach, strawberries, or drinks such as tea, try not to mix them up with elements rich in calcium. This is because these products tend to absorb calcium, so it doesn’t help that you’re consuming calcium-rich foods if you’re not going to get the mineral.

Excessive consumption of phosphorus

If our body receives more quantities of minerals from phosphorus, it is normal that there is a weakening of the bones and teeth, so it is always recommended that the amount of intake of these elements is proportional, i.e., the same amount of phosphorus and calcium. Try to avoid foods that contain excessive amounts of phosphorus, such as soda, cured cheeses, or foods with high amounts of additives.

Alcohol abuse

People who abuse this alcoholic beverage can have severe damage to the bones, increasing fractures, and deforming their structure. That is why it is necessary to avoid this type of drink or that its consumption is in moderate amounts so that the person suffers from these symptoms.


We know all the problems that can be generated by smoking, from damage to the lungs, cancer in the mouth, to the weakening of the bones and teeth. This weakening can be even more significant when the person is in a stage of menopause, this due to all the changes that the organism undergoes.

Taking medications

People on medications, such as corticosteroids, must be aware that this element negatively affects the strength of the bones so that a fall can mean rapid fractures. That’s why doctors prescribe calcium supplements so that there isn’t such a significant loss of this mineral. Also, these drugs are only medicated for short periods. They need to be taken only under strict medical conditions.

As you can see, these habits can be in our lives, so it is important that, if you have any of them, try to avoid it so that your bones do not suffer severe damage. Similarly, it is always recommended that there are physical activities within your routine to strengthen the bones and thus be stronger.