Dental Care In Menopause

Most of the time we focus on avoiding the classic symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain or mood swings.

However, one of the most frequent disorders that can cause us more problems are oral problems derived from menopause. We tell you how to maintain a beautiful smile at menopause.

Teeth in menopause
Among the most frequent oral problems that result from menopause are dry mouth, burning and periodontal diseases. But the effects of the decrease in hormones can also be seen in the appearance of the teeth, which can lose their natural color and spoil the smile.

The lack of hormones is not the only one responsible for the deterioration of the denture at menopause, but it also affects the weakening of the bony structures. In this way, the shape of the jaw can be transformed with the consequent risk of loss of teeth.

Although one of the greatest dangers of dentures in menopause is gingivitis, a disease that affects the gums, exposing the nerves and is the main cause of tooth decay and teeth begin to move, arriving in some cases to fall.

Caring for the teeth in menopause

Since the menopause disorders are due to the lack of estrogen and the weakening of the bones, the remedies to avoid complications will be aimed at regulating the hormone levels and getting the calcium necessary to strengthen the bones. Substitute hormone therapy can be a good option, under medical supervision, as well as calcium and vitamin supplements.

But special care must be taken in the mouth if we want to preserve our teeth and maintain a radiant smile. To do this, it is necessary to maximize dental hygiene, paying particular attention to the most conflictive points such as sensitive gums or tooth enamel.

In any case, it is essential, more in menopause than in any other stage of life, to go to the Brio dental Clinic at least twice a year so that a specialist can check the state of the denture and can detect possible problems in time. mouths derived from menopause. No one better than a dentist to help us maintain our oral health.