Diets That Are Not Healthy

Currently and due to the thousands of stereotypes with which we are bombarded every day, it is increasingly common for people to do everything possible to have “the perfect body”.

Some people are capable of anything in order to lose a few pounds. Diets are a fundamental part of modern life and not only to maintain a healthy diet, but to eliminate fat and lose weight as quickly as possible. However, sometimes, you can get to commit real follies of unhealthy and ineffective diets because of the obsession to lose weight.

It is true that a good diet can be very beneficial for your body, but a bad diet can be harmful to all health, ulcers in the stomach due to poor nutrition, hair loss, weakness throughout the body, tooth loss, think in the delay that will be your recovery, when your health is the same as before it will be easier to deal with all the negative effects that a bad diet left like going for an affordable dental implants in Tijuana Mexico with ProDent to solve the fall of the teeth, you can also go to the gym and gain muscle mass, go with your trusty hair stylist to control the fall. It is not about solving things that you could have avoided, but the above is in case you have already made a mistake

The diet of grapefruit
It is an option to lose weight quickly, yes, with an impressive decompensation, it consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner grapefruit for 3 days. And nothing more. Usually this diet is done before a trip to the beach or an important event, but your stomach can be severely damaged by the amount of acid you are putting into your body, with nothing to help you counteract it.

The diet of the worm
Literally, it is about introducing eggs of parasites in the stomach to feed on the remains of food that are not used by our body. In addition to unpleasant, this procedure is dangerous, since the reproduction of the parasites can increase uncontrollably.

The diet of the soup
In this diet, cabbage soup is the most famous. In times of austerity, families survived on the basis of this soup, and although the variety of ingredients can make it a very healthy option, ingesting it all the time can not be exactly appetizing.

Purple foods diet
As the name suggests, you were involved in eating only food of this color. Nothing more than that because they have antioxidants. Obviously, the diet is 100% ineffective and completely unhealthy, because in the long term it would cause serious problems in the organism, besides reducing the daily performance of our body due to the lack of proteins.

The diet “of 32”
It consists of chewing 32 times each bite before swallowing it. It’s as simple as it is known that part of a good digestion also has to do with the way you eat.

The banana diet
The banana is one of the fruits that is usually eliminated from the diets for its great contribution of energy to the body, as well as minerals, potassium and vitamins. In Japan it became fashionable and consists of eating a banana a day during breakfast accompanied only with warm water. Honestly, will this “diet” have any foundation?

The diet of the sleeping beauty
They say it was the favorite of Elvis Presley, who was known for his exaggerated taste for food. The only way I could avoid a snack was by sleeping. This diet consists of sleeping several times during the day to stop eating at all hours.

Aleluya Diet
It occurred to a Reverend of the United States and consists of taking as an example the foods that Adam and Eve ate in Eden: fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The parish priest assured that the result was a perfect body, although the truth is that the intake of proteins necessary to be healthy was eliminated.