Does my meal schedule influence weight loss?

Many times no matter how hard you try to lose weight, sometimes it seems impossible. So we usually resort to diets that can put people’s lives at risk, or to exercises that may not be the most optimal. If you go to a nutritionist, he will recommend that it is necessary to carry out a food plan according to the needs of your body, this is of vital importance because if you do not carry out a diet based on the requirements, there can be an imbalance of nutrients. But one of the critical points for patients to lose weight, in short, is to keep a schedule for each food.

When one eats at hours that are not adequate, i.e., not allowed the time necessary for the previous meal to be processed, it can significantly influence weight gain or the loss of extra kilos. This happens because the organs that participate in the digestive system are not synchronized so that the work they do takes everything together, thus causing the accumulation of fat. So that we can understand a little more about what we mean we can see it this way:

When we eat, the food must be processed, that process takes time so that all the organs that are in charge of the digestive functioning can correctly do their work. This to extract nutrients and degrade fats for later disposal or storage. We have to bear in mind that, if we feed on fatty food, the degradation is more extended because more energy is needed to do so. If we do not leave the necessary time to destroy the most substantial amount of fat, the only thing we will cause this to stagnate and not get the essential nutrients because we are putting our bodies to work every little bit.

It is important to make it clear that it is not about having rigid schedules, but that it is advised that, within the hours set by the specialist, food is consumed. This type of schedule is highly recommended for those who have undergone a tummy tuck in Mexico because the goal of this surgery is that the fat that was removed thanks to the procedure does not come back. Also, as mentioned, if a person is having trouble losing weight, you can go to a nutritionist to find out if keeping a schedule can help the patient.

To keep a schedule, the person must take into account the importance of two specific foods, breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is essential because what is going to be consumed will be converted into energy that will serve for the whole day. In the dinner, because it is the moment where the organism rests, it mustn’t be going to ingest products high in fat or sugar because it can become fat that will be stored in the body.

Nutritionists recommend that there be a 3-5 hour difference between each main meal, i.e., between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During this waiting period, the person can consume foods that are not too heavy, such as fruit, seeds, or granolas.

Another factor to consider when wanting to lose weight is the pace of our sleep because it is in this period where the body rests.